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Design and Visualization Success Stories

At the Cutting Edge of Visualization

Global enterprises—from automotive and manufacturing companies to architecture firms, healthcare providers, and major film studios—are using NVIDIA technology in innovative ways to transform their business. Their experiences and successes with our technologies inspire us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in visual computing.

We’re excited to share their stories with you.


NVIDIA Solutions Bring New Headquarters to Life

Learn how architecture firm Gensler used NVIDIA’s physically based rendering technology and VR platform to guide the design of its stunning new Silicon Valley building.

SportPesa Wins the Race with Quadro vDWS

See how they are perfecting their racing machines using NVIDIA Quadro vDWS to accelerate CAD applications and stay ahead of the competition.

Animal Logic

Animal Logic, one of the world's top visual effects and animation studios, used NVIDIA Quadro vDWS for their new Vancouver studio, instead of purchasing new $10,000 workstations.


Tokyu Livable

TOKYU LIVABLE deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with NVIDIA GRID software, enhancing graphics performance and providing employees access to their desktop anytime and anywhere.


WBCM deploys NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions to enable its workforce to access high-end design applications and deliver a high-quality Windows 10 user experience.

Take Hospitality Design Review on The Road

The Getty’s Group takes design review to their clients using NVIDIA VR Ready mobile workstations to save time and money.

Searidge Technologies

Searidge Technologies lets air traffic controllers “see” aircraft and objects through AI-powered software running on GPU workstations.

Hensel Phelps

The design-build approach of putting their 3D models into virtual- and mixed-reality brings new efficiency to the design review process.

Audi Business Innovations

NVIDIA Quadro GPUs power an immersive experience for Audi luxury car buyers.


With the power of NVIDIA Quadro GP100 GPUs, Aixsponza renders larger models faster than ever.

Dabarti Studio

NVIDIA GPU rendering unleashes creativity, productivity, and quality while boosting profits.

Denver Broncos

Mobile and desktop HP Z Workstations with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards run DVSport GameDay and other business-critical applications for the NFL team.

LHB, Inc.

LHB creates a realistic preview of the Superior Street Reconstruction project in VR with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.

University of Maryland

The University’s A. James Clark School of Engineering established a world-class digital manufacturing lab that’s accessible virtually and powered by NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions.

Lam Partners

NVIDIA? Iray? delivers fast, photometrically accurate results that enable rapid design iterations and increased project throughput.

Bentley Motors

The innovative car company uses VR powered by NVIDIA PhysX? and Quadro GPUs to train assembly line workers.

New Reality Company

New Reality Company

The company brings Amazon trees to life in VR powered by NVIDIA Quadro P6000.


The architecture firm uses a combination of desktop and application virtualization to deliver fully virtual, digital workspaces -- enabling geographically dispersed teams to collaborate real-time on files and resources.


The company’s R&D group uses innovative technology based on NVIDIA vGPU to optimize its virtual desktop environment.


The home lending company uses Nutanix, Citrix, and NVIDIA GRID? to lower latency, increase performance, and boost user adoption of their virtual environment.